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  • All - from one hand
    Design and Print

    Printed matter, such as business cards, stationery, stickers, calendars, flyers, postcards or brochures is still an integral part and the basis of every company appearance.

    Webdesign and programming

    We design the layout of your website and programming an exciting website

    Hosting and Providing
    We offer professional managed web hosting on dedicated and virtual web servers.
    Mobile solutions (APPs)

    Whether for business processes, better market opportunities or customer loyalty. We develop your app.

    Advice on data protection and law
    Unfortunately, many legal pitfalls and warnings are waiting for their company.
    eLaw monitoring
    The laws are changing. Every day! Your website will be cyclically checked for legal security (Optional)
  • One contact - clear process

    Our team advises you on the planning for your website. From the outline to the target group analysis.


    The designer creates an individual layout - according to your wishes or according to the specifications of your CI manual

    Our software developers turn their personal layout into an exciting and functional website.

    Your new internet presentation will be published on the SISpro infrastructure and is ONLINE


    Our team takes care of placing their site in search engines and their online advertising


    Our cooperation lawyer cyclically focuses on the legal security of their website.

  • SISPRO-Cloud The solution for decentralized work and backup

    It does not matter if you save images to the SISpro-sCloud or we migrate your workstations and servers to the vCloud


    High availability and additional synchronization in our infrastructure in Finland make your data secure


    Whether from the desktop, the tablet or the smartphone - you always have your data under control


    Your data and pictures always available! All you need is Internet access - anywhere in the world


    If space for your data is scarce, we can increase the storage space for you easily and dynamically

    GDPR compliant

    By operating our servers in Germany and Finland, our cloud solutions are GDPR complian

SISpro-connect - Competent in the internet

We have been involved in software development since 1989 and in 1997 we expanded our core competence in the direction of the Internet.

As a medium-sized and independent Internet full service provider, we are today among the most efficient in the Franconian area and serve over 1,000 customers.

In order to provide the user with fast and effective information gathering and the provider to quickly update his data, we have laid our core competence in the development of interactive, dynamic and database-supported websites and developed our own content management system, which adapts to any task.

We develop and implement your individual Internet application using state-of-the-art technologies - whether responsive website, content management systems, Android and IOS apps, portals, eCommerce solutions or complex data interfaces to existing systems.


New App

medWatch is our latest APP development. In conjunction with the GEOTRACE tracking APP, medWatch continuously monitors the user´s pulse via the worn smartwatch and triggers an alarm in the event of a predefined limit violation.

Launch new Custromer website



GEOTRACE® was founded 2006 as a member of the SISpro group of companies.


GEOTRACE® specializes in services for passenger, object, vehicle and fleet management, especially in positioning and evaluation as well as active systems (eg security management, theft protection, field service control, automatic evaluation of location data) specialized and serve actual more than 20.000 tracking systems for our customers from the fields companies, groups, NGOs and authorities.



Quick overview

  • A domain is a worldwide unique name
  • Domains are divided into top-level domains (.de / .com / .biz etc)
  • Domain names are converted to IP addresses via name servers


Quick overview

  • The GDPR regulates data protection in the EU
  • Not only on the Internet is the DSGVO to observe

Working conditions act

Quick overview

  • The law regulates measures to safeguard and improve occupational safety
  • The employer is obliged to take appropriate measures

Duty of care

Quick overview

  • There are different types of duty of care
  • The violation of the duty of care has legal consequences


Quick overview

  • An intranet consists of several services based on Internet technology within a local network.
  • An extranet works like an intranet.
  • Data of an intranet are intended for internal use only and may not be accessible from outside.